We inform, celebrate, and strengthen family-businesses.

With over 75 active members, we represent many of the region’s strongest and most reputable family business leaders.

What sets us apart from other business membership organizations is our commitment to family health and unity We want to see business owning families thrive and prosper.  Many new members are greatly encouraged and surprised by the level of commitment and passion our members demonstrate toward helping all family businesses succeed.   Here you will find a supportive community of peers who have experienced many, if not all, of the issues and challenges you face as a member of a family business. We have also developed a strong specialization and successful application of best practices in family business management. We have helped many businesses build a strong foundation for family business governance, continuity, strategic planning, leadership transition, and growth.  

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The Benefits of FBC Membership

Membership is a commitment to improvement, growth, and change for your family and your business. You will essentially become a “student of family business” as you enhance your knowledge, understanding and application of best practices in family business management.  Join Today

  We do this through four primary offerings:

  • high quality educational forums
  • family business roundtables
  • certified family business advising services
  • relationship building with top family owned businesses 

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