Family Business Center Advisory Board Members


One of the greatest assets of the Family Business Center is the strength of our Advisory Board.  This is a group of highly committed family business leaders in the community who are passionate about helping business owning families thrive. The Advisory Board assists our management with governance, membership, strategic planning, and fundraising.  We sincerely thank these individuals and companies for committing their time, talent, and resources to help ensure that the Family Business Center is relevant, enduring, and striving to reach the goals of its mission.

FBC Board Members  
Nancy Bailey
Bailey Tools & Supply, Inc. 

Rachel Butler, Owner
right angle results 




Condrad Daniels, CEO
Houston-Johnson, Inc.



Hiram Ely, Attorney
Middleton Reutlinger







Vernon Foster, Executive Director
MBA Programs, Career Management, & Public Relations
University of Louisville, College of Business


John Gant, Director
Louisville Forward



Mariah Gratz, CEO
Weyland Ventures

Crosby Hall, HR Manager
Louisville Tile Distributors



Todd Harrett, FBC Chairman
Managing Partner
River Edge Capital



Kathleen Hoye, Director
Family Business Center, University of Louisville
Dana Huber, Marketing/Public Relations
Huber's Orchard, Winery, and Vineyards
Bob Koetter, President
The Koetter Group
Donald E. Lassere, President and CEO
Muhammad Ali Center
Bud Orr, Chairman
Orr Corporation


Ernie Patterson, Dir. of Family & Shareholder Relations
Mike Sasse, CEO
Commonwealth Roofing Corporation
Brenda Stallings, President
Matrix Integration

Josh Steinrock, President
American Roofing and Metal


Bryan Taylor, Market President




John Zoeller, CEO
Zoeller Company

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