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The Family Business Center
College of Business
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

*note: the FBC does not have a street address as our mail is processed through the university system.


Meet the FBC Team!


Brittany Boone Program Asst. Sr.
College of Business, Room 005

About Brittany

Brittany Boone migrated from the western province of Kentucky (Henderson) to Louisville in pursuit of crème de la crème. Her studies in Strategic Marketing and Event Management are based on her innate passions. “When passion meets ability you get a great thing; my gifts are in the organization, creativity and serving others.”

Brittany has been recognized with the WKU President’s Award in diversity, named Outstanding Senior and received Graduate Student of the year all during her graduate career. “It was an honor to receive such acknowledgment from my school during a time that I had decided to focus more on my career and less on student organizations.”

What matters most to Brittany is to live purposefully. Whether it is singing a Wheels on The Bus duet with her son for laughs and memories or taking the furthest parking spot in order to free up closer parking for others and to get in some cardio, Brittany always acts with her heart. “I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that when we do make a ‘mistake,’ everything will work out for the good.”


Anthony Potts Rogers Group MBA Intern
College of Business, Room 011

About Anthony

Anthony started his internship in September, three days before our event. We warned him it was going to be a crazy six weeks until after the Family Business Summit, and it was. However, he amazed us with his ability to pick up new skills and jump right into projects. Anthony also has an abundant wealth of knowledge about almost anything and everything and we enjoy learning from him daily!

Anthony grew up here in Louisville, in the J-Town area. He used his love of math and science to earn his Chemical Engineering Bachelor’s degree from UofL’s Speed School of Engineering. When asked why he decided to get an MBA at UofL, he said, “I have already been exposed to the technical sides of a company, and am getting my MBA to better understand the business side.” After graduation, he wants to get back into a chemical engineering industry such as pharmaceutical, petroleum, environmental, etc.

Anthony has quite a few hobbies ranging from biking, video games, trivia, and many others. Anthony says that he is excited to talk with business-focused minds and learn how they think and solve the problems at hand.

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