Professional Advisor (PA) Membership

Professional Advisor Name TagA special category of membership is available to companies who are not family-owned but provide valuable services to family businesses in this community. We believe service providers can benefit from our educational offerings as well, thereby increasing the quality of support for family firms overall. Up to 25% of the FBC's membership may be comprised of PA Members.  When PA Membership reaches capacity we form a waiting list and take new members from the list when spots become available.

The FBC is not like a Chamber of Commerce; it is primarily an educational forum and offers non-commercial networking. We require new members to sign a non-solicitation policy which prohibits direct solicitation of our members and is strictly enforced at all FBC events. The events are intended to provide you with opportunities to enhance your own skills set in serving family firms, as well as your relationships with your existing family business clients; by inviting them to the dance, as your date, so to speak. PA Members are encouraged to attend as many events as possible and become familiar with family business issues and best practices.  If you are working with any family firms at the moment, we would encourage you to invite them to our upcoming events, to demonstrate them that you care about and are actively seeking the tools to better assist both their family and their business

What is the difference between a Professional Advisor Member and a Family Business Member?

A Professional Advisor is any service provider (legal, accounting, financial, consulting) that offers services to family business.

A Family Business Member is a business that is owned and/or controlled by a business-owning family. 

 What are some the benefits of a Professional Advisor Membership with the FBC? 

  • Learning about family business best practices from nationally recognized presenters.  Includes discounted admission for employees of your company.  All we ask is that you bring at least one family business per non-family business attendee in order to make sure that the majority of attendees at our events are family firms.

  • The chance to bring your clients for a discounted rate to events so you can learn together and strengthen the client relationship.

  • Professional Development - Developing a specialization in servicing the needs of family businesses.  Sharpen your skills as a professional and increase effectiveness with your family business clients.

  • Event Sponsorship – allows you to position yourself as an expert within the family business community through branded events.

These are just some of the benefits of PA Membership in the Family Business Center to learn more contact Brittany Boone, Membership & Events Coordinator by email or at 502-852-8874.