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Strong Family Businesses. Strong Economy.

The University of Louisville Family Business Center at the College of Business is one of the oldest and most-respected Family Business Centers in the country. Originally established in 1993, the Center addresses a multitude of challenges faced by closely held and family firms. The member-based organization uses the capabilities and educational resources at the University of Louisville, as well as established family owned businesses, professional practitioner and a network of internationally acclaimed family business experts to provide family firms the assistance they need to grow and succeed from generation to generation.  Help the FBC help family owned business. By strengthening the family-owned business at its core, the economy can receive a boost through our grass-roots efforts.

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There are many additional ways to support the Family Business Center through naming of the Family Business Center, the Professorship in Family Business, the Conference Room and Library Collection, event sponsorship and more.

For more information about becoming a Family Business Civic Partner or to inquire about naming opportunities for the FBC, please contact Kathleen Hoye, Executive Director at or 502.852.1048

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